Upgraded To Runners 2.0

As of the 8th of November 2021, 5,014 individuals are registered as domestic runners as listed at the Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications’ website. In an effort to improve services to the public, specifically domestic runners, starting yesterday, the Registration System for Domestic Runners has been upgraded to Runners 2.0, which contains several new features.


The first new feature is the update of the Domestic Runners Information. This includes updating basic information if there are any changes in the information that has been provided during the initial registration, particularly in relation to vaccination status. Apart from that, the system will also require runners to include the additional information such as date of birth, gender, district, COVID-19 vaccination status, the date of the vaccine injection dose and the latest date of the RT-PCR SARS-CoV-2 swab test.


The second new feature is the Colour coding. The new colour coding feature introduced has two colour codes namely green and red; Domestic Runners who have updated the last date of their swab test each week will be given a green colour code; for Domestic Runners who do not update the last date of the swab test on a weekly basis, will be given a red colour code. The red code will only change to a green code after they update the last date of their swab test. The third new feature is the improved search functions that enable search by name, Runner ID Number and company for runners under registered companies. For more information on the Domestic Runners Registration, the public can visit the Ministry’s website atĀ www.mtic.gov.bn and any inquiry, email to runners@mtic.gov.bn.




Source: Radio Television Brunei