Vehicle-Related Offences Recorded a Decrease

The Enforcement Division of the Land Transport Department, LTD recorded various road offences from January to October 2021. In the LTD’s press release, the offences were recorded during patrols and joint operations between the LTD’s Enforcement Division and other enforcement agencies.


Among the common offences recorded are drivers using mobile phones while driving; driving over the speed limit; driving under influence; not wearing seat belts; not having a valid Driving Licence; failing to comply with road signs and traffic light; and carrying load that exceeds weight, length or height limit. Vehicle-related offences include vehicles that are unsafe to drive; modified or parked at unsafe locations especially heavy or commercial vehicles.


Through 202 patrol operations and 13 joint operations conducted until the 1st of November 2021, the LTD recorded a decrease in vehicle-related offences from one thousand 113 offences in 2020 to 649. From the figure, 176 or 27.1 per cent involved private vehicles and 473 or 72.9 per cent involved commercial vehicles.


Meanwhile, statistic on demerit points imposed include offences of Using mobile phones while driving; using private vehicle for commercial purposes without valid licence or permit; driving with bald tyres and parking vehicle dangerously or inĀ  unauthorised area.


All vehicle owners and drivers are advised to always adhere to road traffic rules and regulations through vehicle maintenance and ensure the vehicle is always safe to be used on the road. Vehicle owners are also reminded to comply with the vehicle’s weight limit. Information on road offences can be reported via Talian Darussalam 123 or Talian Darussalam’s WhatsApp at 8333123.



Source: Radio Television Brunei