Southeast Asian Write Award

The Southeast Asian Write Award is a prestigious award in giving recognition to leading writers and poets in ASEAN countries aside from giving great meaning to creativity and literature of Southeast Asian countries. 2 out of 3 recent recipients described that such an award is meaningful for them to produce Malay literature to develop the nation.

One of the recipients was Awang Tarif bin Haji Abdul Hamid. The 68-year old writer who has been involved in writing novels, dramas, poems, short stories and essays for more than 3 decades, during an interview with RTB said that the S.E.A Write Award provides hope to writers and literature enthusiasts.

Another recipient was Awang Haji Jamaluddin bin Aspar, 71 years old. He has been active in the writing of short stories, poems, stage, TV and Radio drama scripts as well as song lyrics since 1965. He described the award that he had received through the "Kumpulan Puisi Burung-Burung Terbang Lagi" as recognition towards efforts of writers in literature.

Source: Radio Television Brunei