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France to vaccinate ducks to protect against bird flu virus


France is starting its first campaign to vaccinate ducks against bird flu virus today, hoping it will help prevent the mass slaughter of millions of birds that could result. It has affected the poultry industry in recent years.

The two-dose One-Scene injection for ducks will begin when the ducks are 10 days old and will be mandatory for all farms raising 250 ducks or more. Starting from October onwards. The French duck farming industry raises duck meat and liver for cooking. Susceptible to bird flu And there is a chance that it can spread continuously throughout the farm. France experienced an outbreak of bird flu in poultry farms in 2015-2017, and after 2020 outbreaks continued every year. Even if there is no outbreak point. But if it is discovered, it usually requires mass slaughter of the entire farm where it was found and in its vicinity to control the outbreak. It causes severe financial damage to farm owners.

Veterinarians expect that 60 million ducks will be fully vaccinated by the summer of next year.

Source: Thai News Agency