School Holidays Spent Wisely

The end of year school holidays has entered its fourth week. For students the one month end of year school holidays is one that has been long awaited. It is also the time for parents to be with their children and teach them to use their school holidays in a wise and beneficial manner.

Various quality and fun programmes and activities have been organised by various parties during the school holidays. Among them are games involving children's imagination aimed to develop them through learning integration. Games are vital in child development as it can build up confidence, creativity and communications skills, encourage social interactions and help the children in problem solving.

It has become a trend for the past few years for some parents to send their children to motivational camps in order to provide them with new knowledge and experience which can change and enhance the children's self-value.

Activities such as recreation, cycling and others are also benefited by youths, teens and children during the school holidays.

A number of parents also took their children on overseas vacations. However for those without the opportunity to do so, going on vacation in the country is among the easiest and economical choice aside from having the opportunity to explore and know their own country. It not only reduces expenditures but can also generate the country's economic growth.

The end of year school holidays will end on the 31st of December. The time spent by the students will certainly encourage and bring joy to them as well as boost their spirits to work harder once school re-opens next year.

Source: Radio Television Brunei