Query of Individuals who has High Risk of Being Exposed to COVID-19

Fasting is a practice that is beneficial for the body. Scientific research revealed that fasting can improve the health of diabetic and cardiovascular patients. This was explained by the Minister of Health following a query whether a person with weak or low body immunity has a higher risk of being exposed to COVID-19.

Yang Berhormat said that recently, numerous scientific studies have been carried out on animals and human beings. Analysis and indicators revealed that during fasting, those with diabetes or cardiovascular disease have improved health and immunity. Yang Berhormat also explained that intermittent fasting is also good for the body system. With these scientific researchers conducted for past few years, Yang Berhormat said the findings have showed the beauty of Islam especially on fasting, and how we maintain our health so that it improves the immune system. In this regard, Yang Berhormat called for the public to eat in moderation, consume more fruits and vegetables, reduce carbohydrate intake and others. Source: Radio Television Brunei