Ministry of Home Affairs’ Open Day Acts as Early Approach for Sharing of Information

The Ministry of Home Affairs and its departments' Open Day acted as a method of approach for listening, sharing of information and exchange of views as well as ideas with stakeholders and the general public. This is so that the ministry and its departments can be more attentive towards the needs of the people and society, apart from facilitating efforts in policy, programme or project planning that are suitable for further improving the efficacy of services provided to the public.

The 2-day event that was held at The Mall in Gadong shared various information on the ministry's role, function, services and facilities, apart from organising attractive activities for the public.

The Open Day also acted as a platform for participants of One Village One Product, 1K1P Project from all districts to promote their products and further expand their market. Apart from that, the event enabled the entrepreneurs to share their knowledge and skills and build network to further improve their product quality and market.

Source: Radio Television Brunei