Friday Prayer is conducted by Prioritizing Preventive Measures

‚ÄčAll mosques, suraus and religious halls in the country are reopened yesterday to perform the Friday prayer after been closed for 10 weeks following the COVID-19 outbreak. However, the opening is implemented in phases by prioritizing the preventive measures. Yesterday morning, the RTB crew made a visit to Jame ‘Asr Hassanil Bolkiah in Kampung Kiarong.


As early as 10 in the morning, the officials comprised of security guards of the Mosque Affairs Department, Ministry of Religious Affairs; member of the Mosque takmir committee and volunteers have made preparation to ensure that the safety measures continued to be implemented. This includes ensuring the social distancing mark and strategies as well as body temperature check at several ‘Check Points’ are well organised. For the early phase, congregants with green codes via the BruHealth application are only allowed to enter the mosque. This acts as a control to determine the individual’s health level who will perform prayer at the mosque. The congregants are advised to take ablution at home as been instructed previously.



Source: Radio Television Brunei