Cigarettes and Alcoholic Drinks Smuggling Activities

The Royal Customs and Excise Department, RCED conducted two operations on Thursday, the 1st of July 2021 and on Friday, the 2nd of July 2021. The first operation was at a house in Kampung Pandan National Housing Scheme in Kuala Belait following the information received pertaining to the storage and sale of Customs contraband items. While the second operation was the result of routine patrols on the coastal area of Sungai Salar. The first operation managed to seize Customs prohibited items hidden in several rooms such as:-

a) 137 cartons and 36 cans of alcoholic drinks of various brands;

b) 268 cartons and 48 packs of cigarettes of various brands;

c) Several packets of fireworks;

d) Vape tools including several bottles of vape juices.

The second operation found 77 bottles and 99 cans of various types of alcoholic drinks as well as 400 cartons of cigarette of various brands that had been smuggled and placed in the coastal area of Sungai Salar. All contraband items were confiscated to be disposed. During the first operation, RCED has detained a 55-year-old permanent resident woman and the woman was taken to the Kuala Belait Law Enforcement Office for further investigation. RCED would like to advise the public to always comply with any national legislation currently being enforced and refrain from engaging into smuggling activities or bringing in and out contraband items and prohibitions without any permission from the relevant agencies that control the goods. Possession of Customs prohibited goods is an offence under Section 146 of the Excise Order 2006.

For further information in regards to the smuggling of Customs prohibited goods, the public can contact RCED hotline at 8714422.

Source: Radio Television Brunei