Brunei-Cambridge GCE ‘AS’ and ‘A’ Level Results

The Brunei-Cambridge GCE 'AS' and 'A' level for October/November 2019 is out.

According to the Ministry of Education, out of one thousand 706 candidates who sat for the Brunei-Cambridge G.C.E 'A' level, one thousand 204 candidates or 70.57 per cent obtained at least 3 'A's, an increase of 0.46 per cent. Meanwhile, 85.7 per cent obtained at least 2 'A's, a decrease of 0.29 per cents; and 94.26 per cent obtained at least 1 'A', 0.39 per cent higher from 2018. Overall, 167 candidates or 9.79 per cent earned grade 'A' and above in 2 to 4 subjects. 21 school candidates achieved grade 'A' in 4 subjects; 67 candidates obtained grade 'A' in 3 subjects; and 79 other obtained grade A in 2 subjects.

In the BC GCE 'AS' level, out of 1027 candidates, 648 candidates or 63.10 per cent achieved at least 2 'AS', a 0.7 percent drop from the previous year. Meanwhile, 942 candidates or 91.72 per cent earned at least 1 'AS', 2.44 per cent lower from the previous year. Overall, 74 candidates obtained grade 'A' in at least 2 subjects.

Result slips can be obtained at respective schools during school hours, while private candidates can obtain the result slip at the Examinations Department, Ministry of Education during office hours. Registration for the BC GCE 'AS' and 'A' level for May/June is still open and registration deadline for private candidate is on the 15th of February. Registration for school candidates can be referred to related teachers at their respective schools.

Source: Radio Television Brunei