6th Regional Seminar on Islamic Higher Education

6th Regional Seminar on Islamic Higher Education or SeIPTI which is held for 2 days continued yesterday with a number of working paper presentations including the tabling of the Third Parallel Working Paper.

Themed Syariah and Criminal Law, the working paper entitled 'Attempt To Commit Suicide: Special Refrences to The Law in Brunei Darussalam' presented by Dayang Azimatul Atiqah binti Samra from Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, UNISSA among others touched on the understanding of suicide attempts according to the Islamic and criminal laws perspectives.

Meanwhile, Rajali bin Haji Aji also from UNISSA presented the working paper entitled 'Various Theft Offences: A Comparative Analysis Between Sariqah under the Brunei Syariah Penal Code Order 2013 and Theft Under the Brunei Penal Code, Chapter 22'. He explained that theft is one of the most known crime in the modern world. Crimes of theft include burglary, pick pockets and shop lifting.

A number of parallel working paper presentations themed "Maqasid Shari'ah and Halal Sciences", were also shared. The working paper entitled 'Konsep Harmoni Dalam Masyarakat Muslim dan Bukan Muslim Berasaskan Maqasid Syariah' or The concept of Harmony in muslim and non-muslim communities based on Maqasid Syariah was presented by Setiyawan Gunardi, Mualimin Mochammad Sahid, Nur Mohammad Hadi Zahalan from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia. The working paper explained the concept of harmony which is the concept in community life amongst mankind. Throughout the seminar, 84 working papers were tabled.

Source: Radio Television Brunei