Bicara Sastera BruneI

Bicara Sastera Brunei, BSB is organised as an appreciation towards literature works and also Brunei literary writers aside from further activating critiques on Brunei literary works specifically newly published works. Thus, the dissemination and assessment towards a literary work needs in-depth review and solid research. Speaking at the First Bicara Sastera Brunei 2021 this morning, Awang Mohd Azurin bin Haji Othman, Acting Deputy Director of Language and Literature Bureau hoped that the Bicara Sastera Brunei will be able to contribute to more critique writing or comparison of works towards Brunei literary works as well as better quality of work.

Various activities have been planned by the Language and Literature Bureau to benefit Brunei literary works as the discussion source. The event aimed to encourage critiques of Brunei literary works as one of the literature socialisation strategies so that the literary works will be better received by society, not only from the aspect of entertainment through the art of writing but more importantly is the theme, teachings and human values as well as religious that the writer wishes to impart. The event organised by Asterawani Brunei Darussalam in collaboration with the Language and Literature Bureau took place at the Language and Literature Bureau in Berakas.

Source: Radio Television Brunei