Media Conference


Seri Begawan Religious Teachers University College, KUPU SB in collaboration with the Secretariat Office of the Malay Islamic Monarchy Supreme Council of Brunei Darussalam will hold a “Pendidikan Negara Zikir Melayu Islam Beraja” Symposium THIS SATURDAY, the 10th of April and on Tuesday, the 20th of April at the Dewan Tarbiyyah, KUPU SB with the theme of “Brunei Darussalam Negara Zikir Melayu Islam Beraja”. The matter was among those shared by Awang Kharhan bin Haji Jait, Director of the Core Knowledge Centre at KUPU SB as the Chairman of the Symposium during the media conference this afternoon.

According to Awang Kharhan, the symposium aimed to promote and understanding the importance of Education in conception of a zikir nation and Malay Islamic Monarchy Philosophy, strengthening appreciation and practicing of a zikir nation with Malay Islamic Philosophy for civil servants and the community.

For further details about the symposium, call the KUPU SB’s Core Knowledge Centre at 2236277 or visit KUPU SB’s official Instagram: @official_kupusb and the College’s Facebook page.




Source: Radio Television Brunei