Caring For the Welfare of New Converts Asnaf

In order to take care and monitor the life development and welfare of new converts, especially for the upcoming month of Ramadan, the Fathul Barakah Project 2.0 continued this morning for the Temburong District. Through the project, 30 new convert families in the district received donations. The handover of donations was held at the Temburong District Dakwah Unit.

The donation was handed over by Awang Haji Ahmad Abdussalam bin Haji Abd Rahman, Senior Religious Officer, Islamic Da'wah Centre. Through the Fathul Barakah project, the public has the opportunity to provide infaq jariah or charity in the form of daily necessities such as staple food to new converts asnaf nationwide for them to celebrate the month of Ramadan 1442 Hijrah. Also handed over were food and drinks in conjunction with the Bertadarus Ceremony and Sunat Terawih Prayer 1442 Hijrah /2021 for Temburong District to three selected locations.

Source: Radio Television Brunei