Nationwide Mosque Youth Group Tazkirah Competition

Mohammad Kahirul Mu'az bin Haji Sibodaud from the Mohamed Bolkiah Mosque and Dayang Sariah binti Selamat from the Kampung Rataie National Housing Scheme Mosque were crowned as champions of the Nationwide Mosque Youth Group Tazkirah Competition held in conjunction with the Isra' Mi'raj celebration. The competition held yesterday morning at the Mohamed Bolkiah Mosque was organised by the Mosque Affairs Department through the Imarah Division with the cooperation of the Mohamed Bolkiah Mosque Takmir Committee.

Prizes were presented by Awang Haji Amir Hisham bin Haji Masri, Acting Director of Mosque Affairs. 15 participants took part in the competition, which aimed to enhance the participant's skills in presenting an effective tazkirah or short talk. Apart from that, it also aimed to produce future daie or dakwah propagator of calibre and brave in public speaking.

Source: Radio Television Brunei