‘Kembara Da’ie’ Programme

The 'Kembara Da'ie' Programme aims to expose Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, UNISSA students on challenges and suitable methods to be closer to new converts and non-Muslims apart from delivering dakwah prudently. Such a programme was held yesterday morning at Lepong Lama Long House in Temburong District, involving a 14-member delegation as part of their module under the National Diploma in Da'ie and Leadership.

The delegation was led by Dayang Hajah Idahwati binti Haji Idris, lecturer at the Faculty of Usuluddin, UNISSA. The programme's activities were based on dakwah and community, including the Al-Fatihah clinic, reading of Surah Yasin and Tahlil as well as a session to exchange views. Apart from that, quizzes and colouring activities were also held specifically for children.

The programme ended with a donation presentation ceremony to 10 heads of family at the long house, collected with the cooperation between the Dakwah Propagation Section, Islamic Da'wah Centre and the longhouse residents. Also joining were a delegation from the Islamic Da'wah Centre.

Source: Radio Television Brunei