Energy Sector’s Achievements

The First Meeting of the 17th Legislative Council Meeting which reconvened for the seventh day approved the allocation for the Ministry of Energy amounting to One hundred ninety-nine million, three hundred forty-four thousand, six hundred and ten dollars ($199,344,610.00) to be made as part of the Supply Bill 2021/2022 Schedule.

Yang Berhormat Dato Seri Setia Doctor Awang Haji Mat Suny bin Haji Md Hussien in his deliberations on the allocation for the Ministry of Energy among others shared that the energy sector continues to be a vital sector that contributes to the Gross Domestic Product, GDP and national export. The COVID-19 outbreak, explained the Minister of Energy, has caused uncertainties in the global oil market and affected the country's economic well-being. Despite this, multiple achievements were reached last year.

Yang Berhormat said that the initial supply of products from the Pulau Muara Besar Refinery Plant for the domestic market symbolises self-sufficiency. The country assures a supply of petroleum products for its own people, and apart from a guaranteed energy supply for the citizens of Brunei Darussalam, the project has provided job opportunities for 667 locals. The export of products from the plant to-date, has reached a total of over three billion US dollars. In 2020, oil and gas upstream activities also continued despite facing various challenges due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, whereby several drilling projects had to be postponed. Optimising in country value continues to be the ministry's priority in the development of energy sectors in Brunei Darussalam in 2020.

Source: Radio Television Brunei