Infrastructure and Quality Services

The Minister of Education in his deliberations on the ministry's allocation also explained that several initiatives are implemented to provide equitable access to quality education, including upgrading infrastructure and quality of assets maintenance.

1) The minister said they include improving the quality of asset maintenance in educational institutions, including those of Higher Learning, by upgrading the buildings and implementing comprehensive preservation through the Facilities Management Project.

2) Maintenance and upgrading of network infrastructure for schools and departments.

3) Computer rental for underprivileged students to assist in online learning.

4) Improving the transportation services of special rental buses and boats.

5) Continue the implementation of the School Nutrition Plan (RPS), Harapan Programme and Anak Harapan Programme.

6) Revision of core subject curriculum such as English and Mathematics with existing standards.

7) Update and create curriculum for Financial Literacy (primary, secondary and adult) and Digital literacy curriculum.

8) Update and monitor the Learning Support Programme for needy students.

Source: Radio Television Brunei