Unregistered Vehicle Workshops are advised to Undergo Inspection

Several workshops in the country were found to not registered with the Land Transport Department, LTD through the Workshop Recognition Scheme, The workshops were found to have operated without following the recognition or standard of health, safety and environment whether from the aspect of practises, procedures, the workshop building and premise condition, equipment, spare parts and expertise. The findings were the result of JPD's integrated operations with enforcement agencies on vehicle workshops in the country.

Unregistered and unrecognized workshops can case various safety issues. Members of the public are urged to remain cautious and make a wise choice. In this regard, LTD is also seeking the workshop owners' and operators' cooperation who have not yet registered to undergo the workshop inspection and recognition.

For further information, contact LTD at 2451979 or 80 or 87 extension 111 during office hours.

Source: Radio Television Brunei