People who realise their Sins should hasten to Repent

No one is exempt from committing malice or sins and making mistakes. It could be on purpose or simply an error of judgement in life. In relation to man's faults and weaknesses, Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala is always most forgiving and accepts repentance from those who are sincere in repenting. People who realise their sins and mistakes should hasten to repent because Allah will accept repentance before the soul leaves the body. The matter was highlighted in the Friday sermon titled, "The Expanse of Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala's Blessings and Forgiveness."

In the sermon, the prayer leader said 'repentance' should be sincere and complete. In repenting, a person must realise the mistakes made or sins committed and not repeat them. Scholars explain that there are certain conditions to repenting such as if the sin is related to Allah, the person must stop committing the sin and vice immediately, regret it and be determined not to repeat it. If the sin is related to another person such as slandering, injuring or oppressing a person or damaging property, then the sinner must seek forgiveness from the person who has been hurt or harmed in any way and return anything that has been taken away from the victim, replacing it or asking for the victim's forgiveness and consent it the stolen or damaged belonging cannot be returned or replaced.

Source: Radio Television Brunei