Yellowish Water

Several areas in Brunei Muara District are current experiencing yellowish water supply.

In a media release, the Public Works Department, PWD said the affected areas are Kampung Serasa, Kampung Mentiri, Kampung Kapok, Kampung Sungai Buloh, Kampung Panchor Mengkubau National Housing Scheme, part of Kampung Kota Batu and its surroundings. The problem stems from prolonged rain in the current season that causes organic matters and soil flowing into the dam's catchment areas through surface-runoff causing higher minerals and organic contents.

The Public Works Department has increased efforts to address the water discolouration issue by carrying out operations such as cleaning water reservoir tanks, using additional chemicals, ensuring all water filtration tanks and purifying pools, chemical dosage, pumps and others at the Water Treatment Plant function properly and by monitoring the quality of raw water at the reservoir. The department is monitoring the quality of water supply based on the guidelines parameter of the World Health Organisation, WHO, routine monitoring of water sample tests from several areas in Brunei Muara District and continuous flushing operation of water pipelines are also being carried out at the affected areas.

Members of the public with house tanks and water filters are advised to ensure the equipment are always clean and carry out routine "flushing" and "backwashing" as well as boiling the water first before consuming it.

Contact Talian Darussalam 123 for clean water supply by tankers or for complaints on clean water supply.

Source: Radio Television Brunei