Musabaqah Al-Quran Memorisation and Its Interpretation

The preliminary rounds of the Musabaqah Al-Quran Memorisation and its Interpretation starts today, and is divided into 5 categories. This morning, the reading for Category A was held at the Centre for MABIMS Al-Quran Studies and Dissemination.

The Musabaqah Al-Quran Memorisation is held behind closed doors, where 298 participants are taking part in the competition. Only 12 participants will qualify to the semi-finals for each category. The competition is one of the Ministry of Religious Affairs' annual project through the Centre for MABIMS Al-Quran Studies and Dissemination to further enliven Major Islamic events, and is one of the events for the National Level Nuzul Al-Quran Celebration each year.

Source: Radio Television Brunei