Enrolment of Pre-School Pupils in the Brunei Muara District

2,388 pre-school pupils started their schooling session at 117 government primary schools nationwide this year. In the Brunei Muara District an enrolment and registration session was held for the pre-school pupil's yesterday morning. 1,574 pre-schoool pupils started their schooling session, among them, Katok 'B' Primary School.

In an interview with RTB, Awang Haji Muhammad Nikman Bin Haji Muhammad Isa, Headmaster of Katok 'B' Primary School said the school 55 pre-school students are enrolled at the school. Aside from that, a number of preparations were also made for the schooling session. Prior to the enrolment of the pre-schoolers, the teachers held an orientation session in November last year. It was aimed to familiarise the pupils with the school environment. This year, the pre-school teachers have made detailed preparations by dividing the pupils into 3 classes aside from preparing classes with a more conducive atmosphere.

As a safety measure, the pupils will undergo body temperature checks before entering the school area to ensure their health during the study session.

Source: Radio Television Brunei