“Be Grateful for the Blessings of Peace and Prosperity”

Islam highly emphasise peace, well-being and harmony in family life, society and the country. Therefore, in order to eradicate and prevent crime as well as vice in the country, the Royal Brunei Police Force is among the government's security agents that are responsible and entrusted as the pioneer in upholding the law. This was among the content of yesterday's Friday Sermon titled 'Mensyukuri Nikmat Keamanan dan Kesejahteraan' or Be Grateful for the Blessings of Peace and Prosperity.

According to the Imam or prayer leader, the Royal Brunei Police Force is one of the oldest government agency in Brunei Darussalam, and has developed not only as the enforcer in crime eradication and prevention, but also enforcer of the country's sovereignty and peace. The imam added it cannot be denied that the duty of protecting the country's peace and well-being goes to the police, but we should not leave such duty entirely to them alone. Hence, strong cooperation and coordination between the Royal Brunei Police Force, other security enforcement agencies and stakeholders, as well as cooperation from the community is highly needed. The imam said we as the country's citizens and residents must work together and help the Royal Brunei Police Force in eradicating crime to safeguard the country's peace and well-being.

Source: Radio Television Brunei