Youth the Pillar of National Strength

Youth is a very valuable asset and is the pillar of national strength. For that reason, the youth need to be educated and guided perfectly so that in the future they will become a generation of faith, knowledge, charity and piety as well as responsibility towards religion, nation and country. These matters are among those touched in today's Friday Sermon titled 'Belia Tonggak Kekuatan Negara' or 'Youth the Pillar of National Strength'.

Indeed, one of the most precious times is during young age. Rasulullah SAW reminded us to take advantage of and never waste young age because it is the most valuable and most beneficial age in life. Therefore, in this era of globalization, it is important to remind all of us, especially the youth, to appreciate and use their age and time to the best of their ability, because at a young age, this is the best time to build identity, adorn the self with noble manners and the most important thing is to strengthen the self with faith and piety. In order to produce excellent Bruneian youth, there are several characteristics that every youth must have.

Among them are:

FIRST: Believing, which means obeying and holding firmly to the teachings of one's religion.

SECOND: Knowledgeable means having the knowledge and skills to lead the country in the future.

THIRD: Cultured means being able to defend and preserve spiritual characteristics

FOURTH: Capable to be resilient and competitive in an increasingly competitive era of globalization

FIFTH: Patriotic means having the nature of nationalism in themselves.

Source: Radio Television Brunei