Yellowish Water Issue and Reduced Water Production at Water Treatment Plant

The Public Works Department, PWD says the yellowish water issue is caused by the prolonged rainy and uncertain weather conditions.

According to the PWD the situation has changed the condition of the river water whereby the level of organic substance increases and contribute to a high level of Hazen or colouring. Processing the water becomes difficult and causing lower clean water production. The PWD adds several areas, especially higher ones, will also experience water supply disruption and low water pressure.

However, the department assures the public that the yellowish water's critical parameter is still within the acceptable level based on the World Health Organisation's standard guideline and safety to use.

The Public Works Department also advises the public to boil water for drinking as an additional safety measure. It also requests cooperation from all parties to use water prudently and contact Talian Darussalam 123 for water supply from tankers or any complaints related to clean water supply.

Source: Radio Television Brunei