Water Safety Roadshow

To raise the public's awareness and knowledge on water safety issues specifically the safety of fishermen while at sea was among the objective of yesterday morning's roadshow that carries a theme "Bersama Menjayakan Keselamatan Perairan". The roadshow which took place at the Hua Ho Petani Mall Lobby, Tutong District was conducted by the Rig Safety- Offshore Oil Rigs Task Force, TFKPMLP.

Among lined up in the event was the poster presentation to Penghulus Mukim and Village Heads in the Tutong District, TFKPMLP members, government officers as well as local full and part time fishermen. Aside from that, the roadshow also highlighted an exhibition from the Internal Security Department, Fishery Department, Marine Police, Maritime and Port Authority of Brunei Darussalam, Brunei Shell Petroleum Sendirian Berhad and Total E & P Borneo B.V. Such a roadshow acts as an interaction and communication platform between safety agencies and maritime enforcement with offshore oil rigs operators, fishermen and local boat operators. Dayang Hajah Arni Nur Bazilah Binti Haji Awang Bakar, Vessel and Boat Registration Unit Officer, Maritime and Port Authority emphasized that every fishermen must register to the Maritime and Port Authority of Brunei Darussalam and possess a Class 9 Berhad. She added that the public who wish to go out to the sea, they must report themselves to the Maritime Outstation prior to leave and going back from the sea and the number of occupants. They also must bring along safety tools and the vessel should be registered with maritime port.

Source: Radio Television Brunei