Voting and Election Ceremony for Village Head

The Voting and Election Ceremony for Village Head Candidates of Kampung Sibut and Kampung Sumbiling, Mukim Amo took place yesterday morning at the Belalong Hall of Bangar Town Civic Centre in Temburong. Two candidates are qualified to fill in the position as the Village Head of Kampung Sibut and Sumbiling namely, Awang Haji Suhaili bin Haji Badas and Awang Muhammad Ashim Amrullah bin Abdul Rahman Menchok @ Degelas Menchok. Present was Pengiran Muhammad Ameer Mubaarak bin Pengiran Haji Hashim, Acting Temburong District Officer.

As the Ministry of Home Affairs' initiative to further enhance the effectiveness of the management and administration of mukims and villages throughout the country, the administration and position of village head of the two villages were combined and changed to Ketua Kampung Sibut and Sumbiling starting on the 1st of March 2020. The voting results shown Awang Haji Suhaili received 144 votes from 161 voters.

Source: Radio Television Brunei