Volunteers Assist Health Workers

The involvement of volunteers in together helping the government to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic is very praiseworthy. Apart from youth volunteers and mom governmental organisations, NGOs, volunteers also comprise government officials and staff. Their commitment shows the Bruneians' diligence and determination in giving a helping hand. To date, over 300 volunteers from ministries have performed their assigned tasks including in hospitals, vaccination and swab centers as well as COVID-19 management in several locations nationwide.

During the pandemic, the volunteers not only facilitate the tasks of health workers but also play a role in calming the community's concerns as well as inspiring them and boosting their spirits to rise up against COVID-19. The scope of volunteers during a pandemic is very wide including the frontliners who are at risk of contagion.

Volunteering is becoming a subject that is gaining more attention because its impact on community life is high. Islam itself states that the best human being is the one who benefits others. We hope the volunteers and frontliners continue to be patient and have a positive attitude while carrying out their duties, in accordance to the SOP's stipulated.

Source: Radio Television Brunei