Visit by Wives of ASEAN Tourism Ministers

The uniqueness of the village atmosphere gained the attention of the wives of the ASEAN Tourism Ministers during a visit to the Eco Ponies Garden, Kampung Bang Nukat in Lamunin, Tutong, yesterday, the wives of the ASEAN Tourism Ministers are in the country for the ASEAN Tourism Forum.

The visit was joined by Madam Kim Youn Kyung, wife of Korea's Chief National Tourism Organisation NTO and Madam Khin Than Nwe, wife of the Minister of Hotels and Tourism Union of Myanmar. During the visit, the delegation had the opportunity to try several types of traditional cakes and watched a traditional cooking demonstration by the village community among them 'sambal umbut rotan' and chicken cooked in bamboo. Apart from visiting several places of interest in the country, the delegation also took a closer look at developments in the eco-tourism industry.

Source: Radio Television Brunei