Viral Message on Positive Case at Jubli Perak Sengkurong Health Centre

On the viral message regarding a positive COVID-19 case COVID-19 among the staff at the Jubli Perak Sengkurong Health Centre, the Ministry of Health has confirmed the case and is conducting an investigation including swab testing and quarantine for the contacts involved.

The Ministry of Health assured the public that the cleaning within the buildings of the health centre and other health facilities is carried out according to the schedule set as per existing SOPs. The public, especially patients and visitors at the Jubli Perak Sengkurong Health Center are advised not to panic. The public is reminded to continue to follow all instructions to control the spread of COVID-19 by practising good hygiene, such as frequent hand washing and physical distancing. Anyone exhibiting signs of infection should seek treatment and carry out swab testing immediately. The services at the Jubli Perak Health Center are running as usual. The Ministry of Health also advice the public not to be easily deceived and believe any information and news disseminated in social media without ensuring its validity. The public is also reminded to be more responsible and not to disseminate anything that is not confirmed by the ministry.

Source: Radio Television Brunei