Use QR Code for Gathering of 200 People

Cooperation from the public is highly needed during the transition phase. The public must be socially responsible and be cautious as there is still risk of infection especially while attending or hosting any event or private social gathering. These matters were highlighted during media conference on guidelines during Transition Phase yesterday morning. According to Doctor Haji Muhammad Norizni bin Haji Mosli, Senior Medical Officer at the Ministry of Health, for private social gathering with a maximum capacity of 200 people, the host is urged to provide QR Code or logbook for guest attendance.

The maximum capacity for these events at private residences are depending on the size of the house. Additional guests are required to be in the outdoor area of the private residence. Guests are required to maintain social distancing of 1.5 metre during the event and to wear face mask at all time.

Source: Radio Television Brunei