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True Digital accepts the court’s order. Clarifies that it is necessary to file a complaint with the Criminal Court for corruption cases according to the procedures.


Bangkok, True Digital respects and accepts the court's order. Explained the need to file a complaint with the Criminal Court for corruption cases. Follow the normal steps to preserve rights. True Digital explains why it had to file a complaint with the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct after being involved in a dispute with an NBTC committee member in his capacity as Chairman of the Television Sub-Committee. This is the result of behavior or actions that indicate intent to harass, show bias and impartiality in the True ID case, according to the Central Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases, which has examined both personal witnesses and documentary evidence and found that such actions said there was sufficient basis to accept the complaint for consideration. By submitting a petition to the court This time it was in accordance with the normal procedures for maintaining rights because the incident occurred and there was actual damage. True Digital as a TrueID business operator There is an expectation that a central organization like the NBTC will perform its duties legally and fairly. And in the past, we respected every consideration of every NBTC director when it was found that there were incidents that caused damage to the company that occurred from some directors. Therefore, it is the duty of the company to be responsible to investors, shareholders, and consumers. It is necessary to use legal rights to file a complaint to demand fairness to the court. To prevent damage that may occur Today the court considered that After the court has issued an order accepting the lawsuit It does not appear that the defendant has bullied the plaintiff again. Therefore, there has been no order for the defendant to cease performing duties during the court's trial. But if there is a change in circumstances The court may order otherwise. True Digital would like to emphasize that it is respectful and always ready to accept court decisions. Hoping to rely on justice from the court in deciding this ma tter. To ensure fairness to all parties However, because the case is still under consideration by the court. The company therefore reserves the right not to express any further opinions and will delegate the power to the court to consider and decide. Source: Thai News Agency