Transport Operators are Required to Adhere to the Set Terms

According to the Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister of Finance and Economy, transport operator companies are required to adhere to the set terms.

Yang Berhormat added transport operators are only allowed to make delivery or pick up services from point to point.

The direct journey is from the stipulated pick-up point and to delivery place with no transit or stop. Driver must returned to the country of origin on the same day, to reduce the risk of close contact particularly during their trip abroad.

Tracking bracelets will be given to transport operators at the land control posts. This is to monitor the whereabouts of transport operators and to ensure that they adhere to the point to point journey’s term and to return to the place of origin on the same day.

Transport operators registered in Brunei Darussalam will be given time limit for their outbound trip and are required to be back in the country within the time limit as follow;

* Through Sungai Tujoh Control Post, not more than 5 hours.

* Through Labu Control Post, not more than 5 hours.

* Through Ujung Jalan Control Post, not more than 3 hours.

* Through Kuala Lurah Control Post, not more than 3 hours.

For transport operators registered in Malaysia who were given the permission to enter Brunei Darussalam and carrying perishable items that required permit from the Brunei Darussalam government agencies, they must be escorted by the said government agencies from the control post to delivery place in the country, as well as during the return journey to the control posts.

Meanwhile, transport operators registered in Malaysia carrying commodity that does not require permit from the government agencies or non-perishable items, they are only allowed to deliver or pick up items at permitted loading areas such as Inland Container Depot, ICD and Kuala Lurah Immigration Control Post.

To facilitate the checkpoint clearance process for transport operators, the Prime Minister’s Office has provided workflow document for cross-borders transport operators as a guideline on the procedures and related terms during their journey. The operational protocol document will also be provided to guide the companies during COVID-19 and guide those with COVID-19 symptoms as well as their close contact during or after their pick-up and delivery duty.

Source: Radio Television Brunei