Three More Working Papers Deliberated

In the afternoon, three more panellists presented their working papers on Malay Islamic manuscript management and maintenance.

Doctor Wan Ali bin Wan Mamat, senior academic fellow of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Heritage of International Islamic University Malaysia touched on the methods used in the management and maintenance of Malay Islamic manuscript collection. While deliberating the working paper titled Managing and Preserving a Collection of Malay Islamic Manuscript', he also underlined the importance of undergoing training for related staff in libraries and related academic fields.

Manuscript Material Maintenance and Conservation was the working paper presented by Dayang Siti Norhayatty binti Haji Morni, Acting Curator for Maintenance and Repair/Scientific Officer at the Museums Department. She explained on techniques used in manuscript material maintenance and conservation. She also stressed that maintenance and conservation processes takes a long time, therefore requires speed and precision.

Doctor Suryadi, a lecturer from Leiden University in the working paper titled Islamic Malay Archipelago Manuscript Maintenance in Leiden University Library, Netherlands explained on the richness of UB Leiden's collection that reaches up to over 7 million materials including 25 thousand Malay manuscript. The number is expected to increase as there are many more manuscripts that have yet to be identified.

Source: Radio Television Brunei