The Youth are Vital to Spur National Development and Achieve Wawasan Brunei 2035

In the last 36 years the country has achieved much progress and development that enable it to stand shoulder to shoulder with other nations. All these could not have been accomplished without educated and highly skilled manpower or human resource. The youth must equip themselves with the appropriate knowledge and skills to be able to spur national development and achieve Wawasan Brunei 2035.

As successors of the leadership, the youths carry the responsibility of charting and shaping the country's future. They should have positive mentality and self-reliance in order to help the nation face the various challenges. In this modern era, the country's youth are seen as becoming more prominent through encouraging achievements in areas such as social, economy, sports, religion and others.

The involvement of youths in associations and non-government organisations, NGOs can no longer be doubted. Although being a volunteers is not an easy task, they continue to be proactive in helping the needy. Some of the young people have brought honour to the country in the regional and international arenas.

The youths have also brought glory and honour to the country in sports. Their accomplishments have earned the respect of other countries for their nation.

It is hoped the young generation will equip themselves with balanced and suitable knowledge to fulfil the Worldly and Hereafter needs. They should build strong personal and national identities that adhere to the teachings of Islam to bring the nation to a higher level.

Source: Radio Television Brunei