The Sinaut Agricultural Training Centre will begin in January 2022

The Sinaut Agricultural Training Centre will begin its operation as UNISSA Campus in January 2022 by offering a number of Undergraduate and Graduate Programmes under the Agriculture Faculty and the Halalan Thayyiban Research Centre. According to Associate Professor Doctor Hajah Rose binti Abdullah, Dean of Agriculture Faculty, the development of UNISSA's new faculties and programmes have led to the need for a more spacious and comfortable place to accommodate the growing number of students.

Several programmes will be offered in the coming five years. The first programme in August 2021 will be in Bachelor's Degree, Masters and PhD in Agriculture, Agribusiness. The faculty also plan to organised a number of programmes namely courses and workshops for the public especially for entrepreneurs and farmers in agriculture and livestock sectors including Aquaculture. It is hoped that the programme will produce a knowledgeable and skilled graduates that can help improve the development of the agricultural industry in Brunei Darussalam.

Source: Radio Television Brunei