The Shell V-Power Petrol and Diesel newly-launched are suitable for all vehicles

Consumers now have a new choice of fuels for their vehicles. The Shell V-Power Petrol and Diesel launched yesterday are suitable for all vehicles. The fuels are categorised as unleaded fuels. According to Brunei Shell Marketing Company's Head of Commercial Business, the obvious difference is the formula in V-Power - capable of cleaning, removing rust and reducing carbon dioxide in the engine.

In an interview, Awang Muhammad Adini bin Haji Muhammad Daini said Shell V-Power will make it easier for car distributors to bring in new vehicles. BSM is giving consumers another choice by trying the company's latest premium fuels, the Shell V-Power, that have additives to clean and provide efficient power to vehicles. Consumers can buy the current fuels but could also try the V-Power. There should be no problems since the V-Power was designed to be backward compatible to suit new and old vehicles. Awang Muhammad Adini added BSM also recommends that in order to enjoy the cleaning capability, the new fuels should be used continuously to maintain engine performance.

Source: Radio Television Brunei