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The price of pork in front of farms across the country has increased by 4 baht/kg.


Bangkok, May 27 – The National Association of Swine Raisers announces the price of pigs at the farm. Today, it has been increased by 4 baht per kilogram in all regions. The reason for the excess amount of pork from "savage pork" began to run out from the market. Causing orders for pork in front of the farm to increase continuously But the current selling price is still lower than the cost of production.

The National Swine Raisers Association reported live pig market conditions in front of the farm today (May 27), in all regions, increasing the actual selling price by 4 baht per kilogram. The price is 74-79 baht/kg depending on each area. Caused by supply (supply) excess of "smuggled pork" which is smuggled. started to disappear from the market As a result, demand and orders for fattening pigs continued to come in. In addition, the Department of Internal Trade encourages farmers to continuously adjust farm prices towards costs in order to reduce losses from losses. The Pig Production Cost Analysis Subcommittee of the Pig and Product Development Policy Committee (Pig Board) estimated the cost of pig production in May at 98.93 baht per kilogram. In June, it will be at 90.57 baht per kilogram, which is still higher than the selling price.

As for swine prices in Asia, they gradually increased due to the African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak in Vietnam.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency