The New ‘PremiseScan’ Application

The Minister at the Prime Minister’s Office and Second Minister of Finance and Economy explained that a new app called ‘PremiseScan’ is introduced to enable the BruHealth app can be used by all citizens in the country.


Yang Berhormat said that so far, 233,737 people and 3,825 businesses and premises have registered for the BruHealth app. The figures are encouraging and portrayed the solid support and positive cooperation from all levels of society to ensure the use and success of BruHealth.


To ensure that the BruHealth app can be used by all Brunei Darussalam citizens, another app called PremiseScan is launched to scan the user’s personal QR code. Yang Berhormat said the latest app enables business premises such as restaurants, gyms, shops and others to scan the user’s private QR code while entering and exiting the premise. The PremiScan app is a complimentary enhancement to the BruHealth app. According to Yang Berhormat, this will enable users who cannot access the BruHealth to use alternative method while entering or exiting business premises.


Users can first obtain their personal BruHealth QR code by visiting the website at ‘’. Users must then bring the QR code to be scanned by premise owners using the PremiScan app. The minister reminded all users and business owners that QR code must be scanned before entering and leaving the premise. Apart from business premises, several government and private premises also utilise the BruHealth app. Through the extensive usage of the BruHealth app, this will ease contact tracing efforts.



Source: Radio Television Brunei