Teaching Experience in Remote Area


The job of a teacher is, admittedly, no easy task. Yet for one schoolteacher who teaches at a school in deep rural Brunei, the challenges and obstacles that he has been facing over the years have only made him wiser and more astute, especially given that not everyone would be ready and willing to face the situations that he had experienced. In conjunction with this year’s Teachers’ Day, News at Ten went on location in southern Belait District to take a closer look at the challenges and experience of teaching in remote areas. With a personal mission to educate local school children, Cikgu Awang Muhammad As’ad bin Haji Amzah drives 80 kilometres from his home in Kampong Sinaut in the Tutong District to Datu Maharaja Setia Dian Primary School in Sukang, Ulu Belait, to teach his eight pupils on a regular basis. While working under such circumstances are undoubtedly wrought with challenges, no challenge or obstacle is too big for this teacher as he carries out the duties and responsibilities he has been entrusted with. Md Daud Haji Tuah has the report.

The two-hour-long drive to school is just part of the teacher’s tireless efforts to ensure that his pupils receive proper education and guidance. Cikgu Awang Muhammad As’ad, who teaches English and Melayu Islam Beraja (Malay Islamic Monarchy), looks upon his challenges as an invaluable blessing, as not many others are made up for this noble cause.

Teaching in a remote area, far from the reaches of urban society, is undeniably tough. But the enthusiasm of the schoolchildren in gaining knowledge, and the warmth and friendliness of the kampung residents, are enough to motivate Cikgu Awang Muhammad As’ad to carry on with his tasks, while at the same time making him more resilient and self-reliant.

Source: Radio Television Brunei