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Strange fish, all pink What kind of fish do the villagers wonder about?


Satun, Found a strange fish, all pink. At Ban Laem Son, Laem Son Subdistrict, Langu District, Satun Province, villagers said they had never seen it. Questions about whether or not this indicates a change in the ecosystem. For those in the know, there is a question: it is a goby fish, indicating the health of the mangrove forest. Laem Son villagers, Village No. 6, Laem Son Subdistrict, Langu District, Satun Province, were surprised that they had never seen a pink fish. Thumb size The body is about 1 foot long with long fins from the neck to the tail. Two fins under the body are dark pink. The head is not long, the mouth is wide, the lower mouth is longer than the upper mouth. It has many small, pointed teeth. Just a small eyeball Barely visible Mr. Vinich said that on the morning of May 11, while sitting in front of It was during low tide until the mud appeared. He noticed that there was something swimming in the mud. Its body was long. When it hit the sunlight it was clearly pink. He brought it up and foun d it had a strange appearance. Ask the fishermen and villagers. They all answered in one voice that they had never seen it. At first I thought it was the offspring of a sea eel, but it wasn't because sea eels are gray or black, with pointed heads and sharp tails, completely different from this fish. I would like someone knowledgeable to help me find out what kind of fish this is because I have never seen it in the area before. Reporters called Mr. Thanompong Buabanjong, a fisheries expert operating the Satun Fisheries Research and Development Center, who gave information that this fish, called the goby fish, lives and is commonly found in the river mouth area. Or in the mangrove forests all over the country where there are mangroves and mud. This is because the fish lives in the hole during the day. And will come out to find food in the mangrove forest at night. Seldom attached to fisherman's tools Therefore causing the villagers to rarely see them. Confirmed, it does not convey any change in the ecosystem i n the area. It's a good thing. Because it indicates the health of the mangrove forest in the area. Source: Thai News Agency