Social Responsibility Is For Everyone

"Thing of national interest" was the call made by the Minister of Health especially to those intending to hold celebratory gatherings even though advice has been given to take measures to prevent COVID-19. The reminder was highlighted during the question and answer or Q & A session with the media yesterday afternoon.

Yang Berhormat said when the country had 25 cases, the ratio was approximately one in 17 thousand. When it rose to 50, we have a ratio of one in 8 thousand which is very high. The Minister of Health is not sure about other countries at present, but because the population denominator is small, the ratio makes it very high for the country. That is why in the last few days, Yang Berhormat has been reiterating that social-responsibility is for everyone. The Minister stressed that it is because there are people who still intend to hold wedding receptions and many are still asking on the line. However, Yang Berhormat reminded that sacrifices must be made for the future or the present too, adding the country does not want to be like places where people put under quarantine still roam about.

The Minister said do not let things go beyond our health system's capabilities before taking matters very seriously as we cannot afford to let that happen. The Minister added holding an Akad Nikah or marriage solemnisation ceremony at home would not be a problem, but a wedding reception is different. Yang Berhormat added it would not be appropriate if later people label the wedding reception as a cluster that spreads the virus. The Minister said he understood that people have spent much money but remember that life is more important and everybody only has one chance to do the right thing. Yang Berhormat also requested people who keep calling 148 about wedding receptions to also think of the country during this period of emergency.

Source: Radio Television Brunei