‘Social Responsibility and Attention in Preventing Drug Trafficking’

Drug trafficking should not be rampant as it will have a detrimental effect towards the society and the country. Apart from that, it can also lead to rising crime rate as well as social ills that can affect the society and country's harmony. This was among the matters underlined in yesterday's Friday Sermon titled 'Social Responsibility and Attention in Preventing Drug Trafficking'. The sermon also highlighted that Islam stresses great importance on harmony and well-being of family life, society and the nation. The Narcotics Control Bureau, NCB is among the government agencies that is entrusted with the responsibility to tackle as well as prevent drug trafficking and abuse in the country.

NCB is responsible for enforcing laws pertaining to drugs in the country, and its efforts to enforce such laws will be more effective and successful if the bureau receives support from the community. This is because drug abuse is a part of social ills that can threaten the country's future. Hence, it is important for the community to work together to assist the NCB in eradicating drug syndicates in the country. Members of the community must always be united and attentive to what is happening around us, and raise awareness as well as understanding on the dangers of drug abuse and trafficking.

Source: Radio Television Brunei