Several Areas Still Flooded

Several areas in Tutong District are still inundated following floods that began on the 8th of this month. The affected places are Jalan Rambai, Jalan Kuala Ungar/Rambai, Jalan Bangkuru, Jalan Keranching, Jalan Panchong and Jalan Kecil Kampung Layong. To ensure the safety and well-being of villagers, the delegation of Permanent Secretaries from the Ministry of Home Affairs visited the flooded areas yesterday afternoon.

Before touring the affected areas, Awang Mohammad Amir Hairil bin Haji Mahmud and Awang Salminan bin Haji Burut, Permanent Secretaries at the Ministry of Home Affairs heard a briefing on the latest status and actions taken by the government agencies from Awang Shamsul Bahrin bin Haji Mohd Hussain, Tutong District Officer as te Chairman of the Tutong District Disaster Management Committee, DDMC.

The Tutong DDMC, Tutong has made preparations to face the flood by monitoring the weather condition and water level of Tutong River as well as installing warning signboards in the flood areas. The steps taken and cooperation of Village Heads enable the District Disaster Management Committee to act in a united way and be prepared to ensure the safety and well-being of the villagers. Apart from assistance from the Royal Brunei Armed Forces, RBAF that provides the transport, the Community Development Department, JAPEM has been handing out food rations since last Friday.

The delegation also visited several homes affected by the flood in Kampung Kuala Ungar and Kampung Benutan as well as the Royal Brunei Armed Forces Camp that provides trucks to transport villagers at Jalan Kecil Layong. Joining the tour was Yang Berhormat Awang Haji Ramli bin Haji Lahit, Member of the Legislative Council.

Source: Radio Television Brunei