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Set up a registration point for traders who were damaged by the Chatuchak fire.


Bangkok, Chatuchak District Office-Bang Sue Police Station Set up a registration point and record daily. Facilitate traders who were damaged by the Chatuchak fire while the Office of the Basic Education Commission collected evidence. Initially, there was a lot of animal damage, estimated to be around 50 million baht. Progress on the fire inside Srisomrat Market Pet zone, Chatuchak District, Bangkok, after a fire occurred in the early morning hours of the past. This morning, the Chatuchak District Office has set up an administration point for merchants affected by fire damage to register at the administration point. At the same time, Bang Sue Police Station investigators have set up a reporting point to facilitate merchants who were damaged in reporting the matter in the daily diary in order to investigate the cause. and allow the merchant to report details of the damage that has occurred Meanwhile, Pol. Lt. Gen. Thiti Saengsaeng, Metropolitan Police Commander (Commander) and forensic officers inspected the scene, with the OBEC collecting various evidence. To go and investigate the cause of this fire. For the Chatuchak District Office, an administrative unit has been set up to receive registration of tenants, divided into 2 categories: 1. Persons who enter into a rental contract directly with the railway. There is a list of names of tenants in the building in each lock. In the case of being the owner and selling it yourself, bring your ID card to submit. 2. Sub-tenant or heir which is the only real seller Which must have a certificate from 2 people: 1. Second Railway 2. The neighboring lock is the certifier. Police Colonel Phuwadon Aunphothi, superintendent of Bang Sue Police Station, said today that investigators from Bang Sue Police Station have been mobilized to provide convenience to those who have been damaged. They will pick up the daily diary and interrogate at the area near the scene of the incident. After this, if anyone has not yet come to be questioned and recorded daily, they must go to Bang Sue Po lice Station. We have coordinated with the Office of the Basic Education Commission to investigate the cause of this incident. Initially, it is still not possible to assess the damage. But it is estimated that there will be a lot of damage to animals, approximately 50 million baht. In terms of providing relief to affected entrepreneurs An administrative division has been established. with the State Railway of Thailand, Chatuchak District Office, Bangkok Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office Let's set up a table for affected entrepreneurs to register. Collect damage assessment information and continue to provide relief according to the criteria. Source: Thai News Agency