Selecting Nutritious Food are Significant in Maintaining Fitness during Ramadhan

Selecting balanced and nutritious food is very much emphasized during Ramdhan in ensuring we stay fit while performing the daily fast. Especially so during the spread of the COVID-19 infection in the country, it is important to maintain good health and practice healthy eating.

Dayang Siti Nadhirah binti Haji Rawi, Health Education Officer at the Ministry of Health said the selection of nutritious foods during Ramadhan enables us to enjoy delicious food, apart from obtaining nutrients needed in helping to maintain fitness while fasting.

She added during Ramadhan a lot of people faced difficulty in practicing healthy diet due to the long hours of fasting. Some craved for unhealthy food such as sugary, fatty or fried food. Excessive intake will increase the risk of non-communicable disease such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer and obesity.

In general, healthy eating means choosing various nutritious foods recommended from all the food groups and consumed in moderation. For those attempting to practice healthy diet but are unsuccessful, Ramadhan is the best time to change old habits.

Dayang Siti Nadhirah also shared, during the breaking of fast one should first commence by consuming dates and drinking water or milk, to aid food digestion. Water should always be consumed during sahur and breaking of the fast to avoid dehydration.

She further added by practicing healthy diet in the month of Ramadhan, the body will become stronger and could endure fasting thus increasing productivity. If the practice continues after Ramadhan we could maintain good health and decrease the risk of having diseases.

Founder of a healthy restaurant Dilys Chai said her restaurant caters for those who opted to consume healthy and nutritious food for sahur and breaking of the fast. Meanwhile, several individuals expressed the importance of selecting nutritious food during Ramadhan in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Source: Radio Television Brunei