Sale of Collection Items

The book on Brunei Darussalam recorded in 1924 worth more than $3,000 among the nearly one thousand collections currently on display and for sale during the 'Antique and Collectible Sale'. The book becomes the attraction for collectors of antique items as well as book lovers to get it.

According to the owner, the book written by the foreign author is very special because there are only five manuscripts in the world. He added that the book titled 'On the fringe of the Eastern Sea' was the first written about Brunei.

With the collection covering antiques including hand-carved wooden backpack and manual ice machine, up to cookbooks, comics, cassettes and children's toys from the time of the owner's ancestors are on sale. Most of the items belong to the family and also from auctions as well as from abroad. Also of interest to collectors are the Brunei currency known as pitis and also antique letters during the Second World War. Comic books and old newspapers are also among those offered at reasonable prices according to their value. Members of the public can get such items by visiting the 'Antique and Collectible Sale' which is held until tomorrow from 8.30 in the morning to 6.30 in the afternoon. The 'Antique and Collectible Sale' is located in Kampung Mata-Mata, Gadong.

Source: Radio Television Brunei