Respond to Government’s Calls and Advice

Cooperation from the public is highly needed in together responding to the call of the government, specifically the Ministry of Health in controlling and curbing COVID-19 transmission in the country. Under Section 63 of the Infectious Diseases Act, Chapter 204, the Royal Brunei Police Force has been deployed to provide full assistance in enforcing the said act and regulations. Full scale inspections have been carried out nationwide via roadblocks and patrols at business premises, focusing on individuals who contravene the Infectious Diseases Act, Chapter 204.

Inspections focus on the use of face mask that must always be adhered to, ensure the BruHealth app is downloaded, always update and display the BruHealth code to learn on the individual's status. Anyone who contravenes any directives issued under the Infectious Diseases Act is liable to a fine of 100 dollars or 5 thousand dollars, and if found guilty, a fine of 10 thousand dollars or 6 months imprisonment or both will be imposed. In this regard, members of the public are advised to be socially responsible and abide all directives and restrictions stipulated to curb COVID-19 infection.

Any information on violation of the directives, the public is advised to immediately contact law enforcement hotlines for appropriate actions.

Source: Radio Television Brunei