Reopening of Some LTD Services

The Land Transport Department, LTD, Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications starting today has reopened some of its services at the LTD Headquarters branch in Beribi. Among the services are Suspension, Holding of Vehicle Registration Number, Holding, Submission of Vehicle Registration Number and Condemn; Transfer of Ownership, Loan and Termination of Vehicle Loan, Cease Loan; Non-Used; Closed Tender for Special Vehicle Registration Number; Commercial and Public Transport Vehicles Licensing and Cross-Country Vehicle Permits; and Government Vehicles, BG.

Currently, applications that have been processed will then be returned to the applicant through the Pos Laju service only. In the meantime, the LTD would like to emphasize, that the "Drop" drive thru service is only given to applicants who book through the "Que-Up" application only. The reopened services are also limited to the services mentioned and any walk-in or other applications, apart from those listed are not currently accepted.

The service hours for the "Drop" drive thru service is every Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 8:15 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon except public holidays. In the meantime, the LTD seeks the public cooperation to comply with the instructions given by the staff on duty as well as to comply with the SOPs for drive-thru services.

Meanwhile, the Closed Tender of Special Vehicle Registration Number also opened yesterday and will close on the 23rd of November 2021. The public who are interested to join the Closed Tender must complete the form provided and then submit in a sealed envelope via the "Drop" drive thru with booking through the "Que-Up" application. For further information, visit

Source: Radio Television Brunei